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What is a Goddess?

 She is the epitome of divine feminine energy and strength.

Our Goddess collection was inspired by the ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses. Ancient Egyptians were regarded as the first alchemists to use aromatics and essential oils. It is said that each Goddess was assigned an exclusive fragrance that was used to anoint their statues to evoke their most sacred forces.

Our collection is for the modern goddess. The woman who impacts the world with her very presence. She chooses takes up space and is always her authentic self. The modern goddess does not act alone, she has a group of goddesses. This bold tribe of divine feminine energy have been awakened to their higher selves and always listen to their intuition. They embrace, inspire and support each other to follow their true passions and to achieve their most iconic destiny’s.

To create, embrace and celebrate your most authentic and empowered life; anoint yourself with our high vibrational elixirs and awaken your inner goddess.

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